Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Quick and Easy Update

I found a Frank Lyman dress/top at the thrift store that I thought was kinda funky. It didn't fit me well though so I took in the sides to have a more flattering fit. I paired it with some black tights and a bright turquoise necklace to bring out the colors. My original intention was to also alter the sleeves but at the end I decided I kinda liked them as they are. 

As a side project, I have decided that I need to get back into my meditation practice. So I made a cover for my eye pillow to keep it sanitary. Having a washable, removable cover will help to keep it clean. I used a shirt that I had, it was a nice shirt but had a couple of holes in it. Since the material was nice and soft I figured it would be perfect for covering my eyes in a blissful state of savasana. 

It was very quick and easy to sew. I cut the fabric into a rectangle and 2 squares, with the squares I used the bottom of the shirt to keep the hem as the insertion point. Sewed along the edges then flipped it right side out.



RanchHouse said...

What a neat top and how god that the small alterations made such a differences.
The eye cover would be good also for masks we might use in air travel. A cover is now on my list.

jenny_o said...

A cover like this would also work well (in a bigger size) to go over a microwave bag after heating, the ones people use for aches and pains. (I say "after heating" to reduce the fire hazard.) Using the hem of the T-shirt would make this a quicker job.

Also, I love how your styling of this top made it also look so different. The black tights and blue necklace tied it all together and took it from busy to coordinated - magic!

Andrea said...

Yeah, black tights definitely bring it all together, and the small alterations make all the difference to fit! These covers are so useful for so many things! Even as swifter covers to dry mop the floor, or wet mop as well! Great post. Make sure to include your username as a label when you go to publish your posts. I've added it this time, but it helps us to keep track of your posts and make them easier to search for when we want to find a specific post by you! :)

Andrea EOD