Thursday, February 04, 2016

Audrey Smock

Happy February, everyone. We're that much closer to Spring! :)

Unfortunately... it IS still Winter and I thought this green was just a little too bright, so I gave it a bath in RIT "Dark Green" dye

I seam ripped the front zipper out and gave it some shape on my dress form. I had intended to sew it all shut and wear it as a pull over, but the odd pocket placement (and the fact I took it in a little too much) led me to plan B:

An open cardigan/Smock looking thing
I paired it with some super cute fleece-lined flats I bought brand new for $4 at Payless.  I felt like Audrey Hepburn ;)

Not as fabulous as Audrey... but a cute smock nonetheless

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<3 Laura


Melissa Lin said...

Love the new color!

jennifer elliott said...

I love the new color too! Great refashion.

Jennifer, EOD