Friday, March 04, 2016

Did you miss me?

Hey everyone! Does anyone still remember me? 

I needed to be away from here for a few months, but I am back. I am planning some really cool refashions for the next weeks, and I will be more than happy to share them with you. 

For now, and just to celebrate the fact that I am back, I am sharing one of my most recent refashions... I turned a women's pants into those slacks for my little one. I actually forgot to take a full photo to the before until I was already cutting, sorry, this was the best I got. 

I love their new life on my little man. 
Check all the details here


Saga said...

Yes, you have been missed, and nice to see you again. I always become inspired by your refashions.
Cute pants :-)

Magda E. said...

Hey Saga. Nice to know. Thank you!!!

jenny_o said...

Love these, Magda! You are so good at remaking clothing for your little ones - and for yourself.

Carissa said...

Super cute! Welcome back!


Magda E. said...

Thank you Jenny, it isn't as easy as it seams sometimes, refashioning for them, I mean. Especially when we tall about pants. I always have to be pretty creative to make a neat waistband... ahahah

Magda E. said...

Thank you Carissa, feels good to be back.