Friday, March 11, 2016

Ladies Sweater to Baby's Coat

I started with a chunky cable knit sweater.
Then the jigsaw puzzle began!  
  • The front of the sweater became the back of the coat.  (I sewed the vent shut above the button.  The button hides under the hood, only visible when the hood is up; it’s really cute!)  
  • The back of the sweater became the sleeves of the coat.  
  • And the sleeves of the sweater became the front pieces of the jacket.  
  • The hood is from the same twill fabric as the coat lining, and the hood lining is fleece leftover from Annie’s quilt.  
  • Half of the sweater's collar became the trim on the coat hood.

Here's what that finished puzzle looked like:
To see more photos of the finished jacket and to find out about what I did on the INSIDE of this coat, please visit my blog Skirt Fixation.


Bailey Mills said...

Super cute coat. Bet it's really warm too. :D

whatthesew said...

How did you combat the unravelling you would get from cutting into a knitted jumper?

Andrea said...

Glad you had a clear vision ;) All of those pieces would have thrown me for a loop! And such an adorable out come :)

Andrea EOD

Skirt Fixation said...

I used existing hems for all the exposed edges. The interior edges are inside the lined jacket so don't show!