Wednesday, April 13, 2016

"Shabby Chic Ruffles" Graphic Tee Refashion

I had this graphic tee that was a little worn out, but I liked the front design. I decided to make use of some sweater lace pieces I had. I always strive to use up most of my fabric in order to reduce waste. I have two sets of drawers filled with odds and ends of fabric. :)

First I sewed on all the sweater lace pieces I had. (Well, most of them. I have some left waiting to be made into something new :)). 

Then, I sewed on a chiffon ruffle layer.

Chopped off those sleeves!

I added new lace sleeves from another shirt, plus added a piece of sweater lace to make the sleeves a little longer. :)

For the full tutorial visit my blog here :)

With Sew Much Love, Mary :)


RePurposeFul said...

LOVE! Wonderful use of "scraps", or leftovers, or whatever. It looks fantastic. I also have tons of pieces of fabric from other projects that I just can't throw away - I know there will be a use for them some day! :)

jennifer elliott said...

Oh my goodness! I absolutely love it! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

jenny_o said...

So cute - I love it too.

Marisa Glied said...

SUPER cute! Love the use of the scraps!


Carissa said...

Great idea! I always save my scraps too!