Friday, May 27, 2016

Increased boob size #1 - Refashion FBA - Back gusset and open front

I have put on a little weight, and most of it has placed itself in my bust, which has almost doubled in size (No, I haven't had plastic surgery). Very odd weight gain (probably hormonal), but who am I to complain about that.
Except that I do: I have been the same size there forever. Therefore every single item of non-stretchy upper body clothing, that I own, has become too small.

I wasn't willing to part with this dress. I sewed it myself, I love the fabric, and it has pockets!

I cut the bodice open down to the (place where you have sewn bodice and skirt together. Name of that?) both at the front and the back. I was inspired by Schoolhouse Tunic.

I put a piece of elastic lace in the slit the back.
I just hemmed the edges of the slit in the front. The dress now requires a camisole underneath, but I can use the dress.

Pockets! Don't want to part with those.



g.satansbraten said...

Yep, happen to know about hormonal breast upsizing ( sigh ): barely there for my entire life and considering a bra as 'The Deco-One only since jobless otherwise' in the house. Now: I'm 'suddenly wealthy' - have got boobs as well ;-) + ^^!

With quite a lot of my tops I'm facing similar problems like you, yet with my usual fav. 'tent-style' I could nearly everything wear back to front to my liking, which no longer works as well, since suddenly I learn about the need and sense of 'DARTS'.

Btw.: if pregnancy isn't the reason for YOUR 'sudden wealth' please have yourself checked for earlier onset of menopause (= quite common nowadays - some even with 25 !!!).
This mentioned here for other woman as well to stay alert - despite in general NOT fitting for the blog-theme here. Thanks to the editors for tolerance and understanding!

Otherwise: nice to see you again and thanks for your refash-idea which might help me a bit as well.

LG, Gerlinde

Rhonda Buss said...

Nice save!

Andrea said...

Good save on the dress! It looks cute over a camisole and should give you breathing room ;) The point where the two parts meet? Waistline? Even if it doesn't set at your natural waistline (for example: a drop waist which sits much lower, would still be called the waistline of a dress or garment). Not sure if there is a more technical name ;).

Andrea EOD