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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

REFASHION: tie it all together

I apologize for posting so many refashions during the past few days, but the month of May is ending way too quickly for me. And I am determined to complete my Me-May-Made 2016 goal -- finish five refashions. Unfortunately, procrastination and my upcoming schedule has forced me to work on the refashions as quickly as possible before June rolls around.

A failed refashion with a casual shirt and complementing paisley tie led to a simple and wonderful refashion. Previous refashions had me using bias tape, lace or the original neckline to create a v-neck. Why couldn't I use a men's tie?

For more pictures and details, click here.

Until next time ... Jennifer Elliott

P.S. To avoid a ton of swear words and not test my patience, I took the black bias tape route to finish my kimono! I love the final look. So pretty.


g.satansbraten said...

Worth indeed for a min. of 2 reasons:
- speed
- rescue the family/surrounding from hearing swear words

Enjoy; currently working myself on a few 'neck-tie-refashes' as well = not always easy with those 'slippery little suckers' (= o.tone Julia Roberts in 'Pretty Woman' - despite talking about different things, the behaviour appears very similar to me ^^ + ;-) !!!)

LG, Gerlinde

RanchHouse said...

The trim on the kimono is perfect. Good choice.

cfortin said...

Both shirts look great! Good luck with your May refashions.

Cindy - EOD
Upcycled Design Lab

Nina said...

cool idea!