Sunday, June 05, 2016

A much happier summer dress

My local charity shop had 25% off, so I allowed myself a few purchaces. We have unseasonal hot and sunny weather in Scandinavia and I needed summer clothes, especially work appropriate ones.
This dress was made of a nice quality jersey with a beautiful drape. It looked very sad, but I knew it would only take a few quick modifications to liven it up.

- I unpicked where the mock wrap was sewn together in the front. It had made my bust look really odd. Now the wrap drapes much better. I need to wear a camisole underneath the dress, but it is fine with me.
- I have a short torso. I shortened the bodice at the shoulders to make its proportions better on me.
- The arm holes were still too big. I made two bust darts so the bodice would fit the bust better and to make the arm holes the right size.
- Lastly I cut the ties off. Ties are looking, in my opinion. With the ties gone, I can use belts with the dress, which I think looks much better.

Ready for work.
Without camisole, leggins and belt it will be a great beach coverup..

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RePurposeFul said...

Very nice! Looks so good on you now!

Carissa said...

Nice alterations for a much more flattering fit. And I agree about the belt versus ties - way better!


g.satansbraten said...

The amendments and additions (= stylists own props ;-) !) are doing miracles to the dress and make it look wayyy more fashionable; thumbs up = 'owls to Athens' in your case; yet one can never have 'fair enough owls' - mho ;-) !

Loving greetings,