Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Everything Dress

Hello Refashion Co-op. I found this dress over a year ago. It sat waiting for me to be inspired enough to take it on. It was very well made and in great shape. It fit well too. 
It also has so much going on I decided to call it the everything dress. There are pleats, ruffles, colors, a cinched waist, a tie with beads.....I could go on and on. 

I cut the top off. I just couldn't figure out what to do with the ruffles across the top.  

I used a seam ripper to remove the leftover fabric from cutting the top off and I added elastic to the red band that hits right at the waist. I used the tie from the neck to make a little halter strap that ties in the back. I thought the beads were cute.

When I finished I was happy with the fit of the new waist and the pattern was easier on the eyes because there was less of it.

Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself.


RePurposeFul said...

I like it! It looks fabulous with the jean jacket. Great job, it was just too much going on before.

Heidi said...

I really like what you did to refashion. Cute halter top and I reallynlikevitvstyled with the jean jacket!

Chickie Walsh said...

Thanks so much. I went from hating it to loving it.

Bailey Mills said...

There was definitely a LOT going on in the "before" version of the dress. And the top, by itself, reminds me of a clown... The after is really cute!

jennifer elliott said...

The dress looks perfect with the denim jacket. Great refashion.

Jennifer, EOD

Chickie Walsh said...

Bailey, I saw that too and thought about saving it for Halloween. Haha

Chickie Walsh said...

Thanks Jennifer!