Wednesday, August 31, 2016

From 6 tiers to 5

My name really is: Cari Frock
and I love to sew.

This is the 100% cotton 6-tiered dress.

I cut off the bottom tier leaving a 1/2" to turn and hem.

That is the length of the 6th tier that was removed

Because of a back zipper, the tiers were back seamed. So I opened all the seamed, hemmed and restitched it all.

A little trim was added to the last sheer tier.

The dress came with an added extra, a threaded snap for the bra strap. Nice!

A close up on the sheer layer that is now without a liner (cuz I hemmed it short)

And the final 5-tiered dress ready to be worn with leggings.

Til next time...happy stitching!!

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jennifer elliott said...

I love anything with ruffles and tiers! So pretty. Love the final result!

Jennifer, EOD

P.S. I created this as a new post -- simply copying and pasting because the original looked a little weird. No big deal.