Sunday, August 21, 2016

Refashion Runway: Buttons

For this week's button-themed Refashion Runway challenge, I transformed this oversized faux wrap dress into a simply elegant button-up shirt dress.

Refashion Runway: Buttons

I removed the ties and zipper, then separated the sleeves, bodice, and skirt. I took in the bodice and skirt at all the seams, then shortened the skirt and cut it up the front center before reattaching it to the bodice. I trimmed off the criss-cross points of the bodice and created button bands using the original waist ties. I reworked the cuffs so as to lengthen the sleeves slightly, and I used bits left over from the ties to add little button straps to keep the cuffs up. Then I reattached the sleeves to the dress and took them in at the same time.

Refashion Runway: Buttons

Refashion Runway: Buttons

For the buttons, I pilfered a dead tree branch from a neighbor's curb and sawed it into little slices. Then I drilled two little holes in each slice, sanded them, and rubbed them with lemon oil to bring out the wood grain. Once I knew what size my buttons would be, I added a million button holes to the button band on my dress and hand-stitched on my buttons.

And for a little something extra, I used an old belt, a piece of a broken necklace, a broken zipper, and several gold buttons to create a couple bracelets to go with my new dress.

Refashion Runway: Buttons

Refashion Runway: Buttons

For more details on my refashion, go to CarissaKnits, or go to The Renegade Seamstress to vote for your favorite!

Refashion Runway: Buttons


Sassy said...

Impressive! SSB.

whatthesew said...

You really must get extra points for making your own buttons from an oak twig.

Jo said...

how did you go from picture one to picture two, I can hardly believe it. Clever sewing. x

Jillian McKimm said...

Terrific remake! Congratulations! Beautiful job! Clever girl! :-) Jillian

alyrocco said...

Great transformation!! : )

Amy Bean said...

incredible. it looks like a completely different dress. i dig your style.

cfortin said...

Very cute

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