Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Sew Along - Refashion Runway - Metallic

Edit: Added photos of a better quality.

I don't care about runway fashion (unless it is Refashion Runway :-) ). And I especially couldn't care less about Gucci.
Except.....their new style is absolutely awesome and inspiring. Granny Chic, the style is called, and I love it. I noticed the patches, iron-on pathces, jewellery with buttons and pieces of embroidery. Tattoo-like almost.
I decided to let that be my inspiration for this piece.

The original blouse is the one in the back. I removed the turtleneck some time ago.

The blouse was just what I needed for this project.

I also needed a handful of patches. The A and the tiger was salvaged from an old sweatshirt.

A sequin patch from a children's sweatshirt.

And assorted metallic glitter and bling from my craft stash.

I sewed white sequin ribbon on the tiger patch.

Sea theme with buttons and fish beads.

And some ball ribbon onto the A.

I then stitched them all onto the blouse. A cardboard poster tube proved a perfect embroidery "hoop".
The finished blouse.

This "tatto" blouse reminds me of old sailors. Ahoi!


RePurposeFul said...

I seriously love this look! Great job, sorry the computer ate your pictures!

Chickie Walsh said...

Very cute. And unique.

cfortin said...

What a fun refashion. :-)

Cindy - EOD
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