Sunday, September 11, 2016

#6 August Back to School- Matching Buttons for Linen Top & Shirt

GOAL: Refashion 10 Items for August Back to School. It is STILL HOT in Texas.

This is #6.

*Shopping for Back to School Wardrobe from my closet:
*Retired from University. Back to Elementary School !!!
*Dress is business-casual to very casual.

BEFORE: Lonely sleeveless linen top & lonely floral shirt.
Buttons did not match.
STEPS: Change to matching buttons from the stash.

AFTER: Matching buttons make these lonely tops a set.
Every day is casual day at the new school.

After: Matching buttons make this a set,

After: Now a set.

Before: Not quite a set.

Before: I don't do sleeveless. 


RePurposeFul said...

Brilliant quick fix to make a set!

Chickie Walsh said...

Those buttons really tie them together. And it is such a pretty shade of purple.

Queen Of Rods said...

Very clever refashion. Looks great :)

Carissa said...

What a simple solution with a big impact!