Monday, September 12, 2016

Recycled jean jacket made from old jeans

I made this recycled jacket, for my tween, out of old jeans from my teen. I love how I could breathe new life into jeans that were sitting in my "refashion pile" (doesn't everyone have one of those?!).
I used a pattern I have for a button down shirt and made some changes.

The back was made by sewing scraps of fabric (using water soluble fabric to hold it all together). 
For more details, hop on over to my blog: Falafel and the Bee.


Chickie Walsh said...

Wow, this is really cool. Way to go Mom!

Refashion said...

The jacket is great. I love the back.

Debbie EOD

Falafel and the Bee said...

Thank you both!

RanchHouse said...

Just visiting older posts. Love the denim. Hope to see more posting soon.