Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Simplicity 8124

Hello, HoffiCoffi here.

One of the reasons I like to document my sewing is that I like to see how time has flown.  For example, this morning I was trying to find this photo.

(Exciting action shot there of me putting out some washing.)  And I was surprised to find it had been taken in May 2014 - didn't think it had been that long ago.  Anyway, the photo shows me pegging out a selection of duvet covers I had just been given by a friend... and in 2016 I used some of the material to make...

... a top.  Simplicity 8124 by Cynthia Rowley to be exact.  I have teamed it with another recent make - my Refashioners' skirt.

Proving to myself that all my fabric will eventually find its way into my wardrobe... it may just take a little time! :)  


Chickie Walsh said...

Great top, it's very pretty. That was a nice gift of fabric too.

jennifer elliott said...

Old sheets and blankets are great finds. Nice job.

Jennifer, EOD