Saturday, October 08, 2016

#16 Back to School: Black Lace Updates Skirt

*I pledge not to buy any new RTW or thrifted for my after retirement "Back to School" wardrobe.
*I pledge to shop from my closet.

·         Green Poly Skirt from the closet, refashioned MANY years ago. 
·         1st refashion for this skirt was from a dress. Top of dress was removed, elastic waistband added, and dotted bias trim added. Bias dotted trim was made from another skirt. Now, green doted trim needed update.

                     Remove green dotted bias trim at hem
                     Serge hem of skirt to remove older edge and freshen edge.
                     To prevent bulk, did not turn under hem. Baste and stitch lace from the stash. 

                     The lace makes this skirt look like a just bought skirt.
             At the new school “lace makes the look”.

Rewards of being a Re-fashioner include:
                     The large pre-retirement wardrobe is being updated.
                     I am in the older group at the school. I try to balance not looking dowdy & outdated with
not looking silly in the younger fashions.

Challenges of being a re-fashioner:
                     Even with something just finished, new ideas pop up.
                     I find a need to make even a small change in everything I wear.
                     Never enough hours. 
After: 2nd Re-fashion.
Black lace added.

After: Black lace.

Green skirt on the
Re-fashion rack in the sewing room.

Skirt with dotted hem


whatthesew said...

You are an inspiration. I enjoy reading about projects from such an experienced refashioner.

RanchHouse said...

Thank you whatthesew. I learn something new from this group everyday. I treasure the support we give each other. It is good to have others who "get it"

Chickie Walsh said...

I really like the black trim, it is the perfect compliment to the green. Very nice.
I also feel like I have to change something about whatever I am going to wear. sometimes 5 minutes before I am leaving the house.
Chickie EOD