Sunday, March 12, 2017

#49 Back to School Wardrobe: Anne Klein Blazer to Red Plaid Linen Vest

REFLECTIONS: This is #2 Spring Break. My Spring Break goal is to complete one item per day for 10 days.

BEFORE: Anne Klein Blazer
  • From the Re-fashion Stash
  • Probably thrifted for the Anne Klein tag and the 100% linen.
  • Size 4 makes this a challenge to enlarge.
  • Sleeves had already been removed and prepped

  • Open side and sleeve seams.
  • Cut and insert side panel cut from the sleeves. I did not taper the panel much because this was so small.
  • Cut the shoulder seams back ½” for narrow shoulder. Dropped arm seam 1” to make room for layering.

AFTER: Linen Vest for Transition during Spring Weather.
  • Versatile to wear over both long and short sleeves.
  • Dropped arm openings makes this appear more vest-like. And less like a jacket with no sleeves. 
AFTER: Fits me.
Big on smaller dress form 


Enlarged /dropped arm opening
looks more vest like.

AFTER: Plaids matched
on side inset

AFTER: Black used
to enlarge original lining.

AFTER: Fine knit used to make facing

DURING: Too snug
Before dropping sleeve opening

DURING: Too snug.
 Before dropping sleeve opening
Probably thrifted for the tag and 100% Linen

BEFORE: Thrifted Blazer from the Re-fashion stash


Chickie Walsh said...

The plaid is so nice for Spring. Making a vest is such a great idea. Nice colors too.

jennifer elliott said...

Great job.

Jennifer, EOD