Saturday, March 25, 2017

Dress to tunic refashion

Before viscose dress with bell sleeves

I was given this dress last year but didn't really have a plan for it.

I don't like bell sleeves, they get in the way so I started by getting rid of them and using one as a neckline enhancement.

In progress neckline

I unpicked the neckline binding and re-attached it incorporating the bell sleeve as a sort of frill, which also made the neck a bit smaller.

There have been a few posts about tunics lately so I decided this dress would become one, by chopping an appropriate amount off the length, adding some side tab openings and making the sleeves elbow length.

There are more photos and details here

Finished tunic

It made good holiday wear.


I Can Work With That said...

It makes a beautiful top. I hate bell sleeves too. The simple classic short sleeve you made looks much more modern and clean.
Chickie EOD

jenny_o said...

Good job with the several smaller changes. I like the finished product. As I have a similar body type to you and therefore similar fit issues, I appreciate the refashions you do and the details you give on your blog - thank you.