Friday, March 24, 2017

The world's longest sleeves

This knitted suit jacket/cardigan is probably my best thrift shop find so far. I loved it right away, when I found it. Looked at the tag: An Odd Molly! And it was as new.
It just had one problem, which maybe also was why it ended up in a thrift shop: It had extremely long sleeves.

Now, I do have short arms, but this was crazy. Look, sleeve monkeys.... I had to shorten the sleeves.

The inside edge of the sleeves was very nice, so I decided to shorten the sleeves the way, you also commonly shorten jeans, if you want to keep the original hem,
It is easiest to show in a picture. You sew along the red line, cut of the excess and finish the raw edge.
I also hand sewed that inside seam to one side, to make it lie flat inside the sleeve.

A lot better. And perfect transistion wear for our spring, when weather constantly changes and the temperatures fluctuates wildly.


RanchHouse said...

Congratulations! Great save and great score on this jacket. I looked up Odd Molly. There is a fun story behind the design name. High prices show why thrifting and Re-fashioning is the way to go. Your post tempts me to break my no shopping year and hunt for the thrifts.

Sheila Lehmenkuler said...

I have been doing jeans hem that way for a couple of years, never thought of doing it on sleeves...duh. Thanks for the post.

Saga said...

I didn't mean to tempt you Ranchhouse :-). I tempted myself though. I was just giing to have a look in the new thrift shop (who am I kidding).

Sheila, you can also do it with dress shirts. A lot easier than having to take the cuff apart (though not quite as polished a look on the wrong side of the sleeve).

Chickie Walsh said...

This is a great way to shorten the sleeve and save the edge if you want. The inside of at least half my clothes has some crazy looking seams when you look inside. That's OK, it's the refashion secret.
Chickie EOD