Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Ciao, Sleeves!

Hey peeps!

I've been busy lately because I have some exciting news! My husband got a wonderful new promotion so in a couple months, we'll be moving from sunny AZ to our company's main office, in Salt Lake City, Utah! I love AZ, I do, but I am SO excited to be someplace new and to live in a place that has FOUR SEASONS!

So amid all the kerfuffle of beginning the (slow, arduous) process of preparing to move to another state, I managed to slap together this lil' project:

Long ago, in one of my first posts, I took the sleeves off a light sweater to turn it into a long sleeveless vest. It become one of my wardrobe staples so I decided I needed another!

I love the shape and color of this, but the weird short sleeves have gotta go!

Step one: remove tiny weird belt loops

Step two: chop off sleeves, fold raw edge under, and stitch with a small zig-zag. I actually did this step TWICE because only doing it once resulted in a ripply mess, and a second fold under seemed to fix it.


See? Sleeveless! 

There ya have it! I'm actually almost done with another quick project so I'll be sure to post that soon too!



Saga said...

I can see how a sleeveless "sweater" like that will be very useful for your new climate. Good job.

/Stine - EOD

Chickie Walsh said...

Love those colors. It looks great!

Jean said...

Cute refashion...
Good luck with your move to Utah... or Utahr...
as my dad calls it. We live in Utah also. My dad, Orygone... (Oregon). Welcome... you will find lots of thrift shops including the Deseret Industries... same as Arizona and lots others. Have fun... don't envy you the packing though.

Samwise W. said...

Thanks ladies! And Jean; right on! I'm very excited... Defs not for the packing though LOL. I LOVE Deseret; I didn't know they had them in Utah! Hooray! I always find something good there; they often seem a bit less 'picked over' than most of the Goodwills are here :)