Saturday, April 15, 2017

Men’s Grey Wranglers to Wide Leg Cropped Trousers.

#68 Back to School Wardrobe
REFLECTIONS: Spring in Texas is warming up with afternoons into the 80’s
  • Later, when we hit 100's, we need summer weight Capris
  • Now Cropped Trousers in transition weight are useful.
BEFORE: Men’s grey denim western cut pants. With Sans a belt waist!!!.
  • From husbands closet clean out.
  • Seam rip: Waistband, zipper, belt loops.
  • Shorten hem.
  • Open side seams & insert gusset made from self fabric waistband.
  • Attach new elastic casing waistband cut from old t-shirt.
AFTER: Spring transition weight Wide Leg Cropped Trousers.
  •  Heavier weight & longer than summer crops. 
  • Side gusset appears to be a design detail when worn. 
  • Waist band is covered by over the waist tops. 

Wide Leg Cropped Denim Weight Trousers

AFTER: Cropped Trousers. 

AFTER: Cropped Trousers. 

AFTER: Side gusset cut from waistband
appears as a design detail

AFTER: Side gusset
& elastic t-shirt waist

AFTER: Cropped Trousers

AFTER: T-shirt & elastic waist

Kept Western pocket


BEFORE: Sans a belt waist

Sans a belt Western pants


Chickie Walsh said...

I steal from my husband too! Great job, that waistband looks so well done. The length is great too.
Chickie EOD

RanchHouse said...

Chickie walsh Thanks. I took a guess on the length. As always I can shorten and hem again if I need to. I plan to wear to family afternoon dinner tomorrow to try them out.

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Heidi said...

Well done! I need to try the waistband trick, cutting waistband fabric for the waist.

Now to look for pants... maybe do that w a skirt!!

RanchHouse said...

Heidi. I have done the t-shirt and elastic with skirts great if there are darts to let out


Cool :)

Maria Vidrasco

Pezalli Creations said...
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