Sunday, March 24, 2019

Velvet Dress Refash

Velvet seems to be popular with me this winter. At least I have a use for this beautiful warm fabric! It was been so cold here in Michigan the past few weeks that I haven’t felt comfortable wearing a dress, until this velvet refash!
I love this dress because of its iridescence. At first glace it looks like a black dress, but in the live you can see that it is a combination of teals, purples and yellows. This reminds me of a peacock tail feather!
My 1st order of business was to tighten up the arm holes. I did this by just taking in the sides by 1 inch.
Then I cut a square neckline and pinned this beautiful black lace panel.
I sewed that together and that was that!
Happy Refashioning!!!

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I Can Work With That said...

Very nice! I like the square neckline, that really made it into a different dress.