Monday, April 11, 2011

Anthropologie inspired necklace tutorial by Shey

Hey ladies, hope everyone had a great weekend, mine was very busy and productive. Today I want to share a tutorial, I got a lot of vintage jewelry from my friend, it belonged to her granny but most is very outdated and not something I would wear on it own, so last night I started working on refashioning some of it, here is one necklace I made, I bought a similar necklace at Anthropologie a few months ago.
Materials needed:
Old necklaces
Start by cutting the necklace's thread
Like so...

You'll have plenty of beads to work with.
Fold the ribbon and stitch the beads, leave plenty of ribbon on the ends, I didn't and I had to stitch an extra piece to the end to be able to tie it.
You can use different beads or one color only, I decided to use these two because I liked the combination.
Stitch one fold of ribbon and then a bead, one fold of ribbon and then a bead. Make sure the folds are about the same size and that the ribbon that goes around the back of the bead is tight in place.
Finished product, I must say I was impressed by how cute my necklace came out. It's a very easy way to update those boring bead necklaces, don't be afraid to try!
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Refashion said...

VERY clever! And thanks for the tutorial! The ribbon is so unexpected for a necklace but it really makes this piece. Lovely!


Dogstar Bazaar said...

I would have been afraid but now you've broken it down it's fairly straight forward - I ♥ it!

Lovenicky said...

Very unique looking and creative necklace!

The Beading Gem said...

I just love how you mixed 2 different beads in this wonderful jewelry makeover project! Thanks for sharing. I will feature/link in a future post so others can come visit! Pearl

Darci said...

LOVE this! I've got loads of beads and ribbon to play with. Thanks for the superFABULOUS idea!