Sunday, May 31, 2020

Shopping from my closet for "Light Re-fashions"

While @home, I am grateful to have opportunity to sew. Our thrifts are closed, so I am shopping
for re-fashions from my closet.  Current re-fashioning is mostly "light re-fashions" on items from my closet.
My current focus is my casual summer and back to school wardrobe. I started with the green section of my school wardrobe.

      #1 Changes made to dark green flower voile. 
  • Worn with dark green tank under
  • Overlarge neckline was shirred with elastic  
  • Bright green elastic was on hand. It does not show. May change color later later.
#2 and #3 Changes made to light green shirts:
  • Worn open with Ts under
  • Buttons changed from original to decorative.
  • Collars removed
#4, 5, 7 Changes made from the original men's shirts:
             I bought these men's shirts several years ago to wear with T-shirts and khakis.
             Shoulders were too wide and sleeves too long.  
  • Worn open with Ts under
  • Original buttons were changed from plain original to decorative.
  • Collars were removed
  • Wide shoulders were cut back to fit my narrow shoulders.
  • Sleeves were shortened by removing and re-stitching cuffs
·    #6  Small hand mending was made to dark green turtleneck.  
     #8 Changes made to green stripe:
  • Worn open with white Ts under
  • Buttons changed to large white
  • Earlier elastic had been added to take in a very loose sleeves.
#9 Changes made to yellow print.
  •  Started as a pull over.
  • Cut open and finished the front.


stitchinkitchen said...

what do you mean... "too big shoulders cut back" on pics 4-7?

RanchHouse said...

Hi stitchinkitchen
I made an edit to better explain. These shirts started as men's shirts. The shoulders were too wide for my narrow shoulders. I removed the sleeves and cut the shoulders back. Then restitched the sleeves.

Dee said...

Lots of work there tweaking (and unpicking) to make the shirts work for you. Great work.

I Can Work With That said...

Hi Ranch House, It is great to see a post from you. You have been very busy during the time at home. These are all great wearable refashions.