Sunday, September 19, 2021

Skirt turned into vest


Hi there, welcome to my first post here at Refashion Co-op! I blog about refashions, remakes and embellishments at and I am very pleased to share my creative projects here with you in the future! 

Thrifting in Holland
In Holland, we don't have the kind of big thrift stores you can for example find in the United States (there's only one here in Amsterdam, as far as I know). There are however a lot of 'kringloop-winkels' (goodwill cycle stores) all over the country. They resell the average second hand clothes. Unfortunately, vintage large maxi dresses with loads of fabric to work with, are hard to come by. 

About 'vermaakster'
In Dutch 'vermaakster' means someone who alters or repairs clothes, but it also means someone who entertains (so that you know... I'll do my best). Some of my projects are (radical) refashions but I'm also fond of projects with small changes or embellishments that make all the difference. Projects that hopefully inspire you as well to look at a garment from a new perspective. 

Enough with the talking for now, hope you enjoy my first post!

You're welcome to visit where I explained the steps. My blog is in English and Dutch, so it's also a good place to catch up on your Dutch:). 
I look forward to sharing more posts with you here at Refashion Co-op!

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I Can Work With That said...

I am so happy to see your post! I love the purple vest too. Welcome to the Co-op.