Sunday, September 18, 2022

Make a top bigger & upcycle with embroidery


It's been raining all day here, it's hard to imagine I wore this top last week! Summer seems so far away now... Anyway, that makes it the perfect day to sit behind the computer and share this summer top refash with you!

I sewed this top a few years ago and made a classic beginners mistake: I forgot to wash the fabric beforehand! And since the fabric is mainly cotton, I paid a high price... it shrank too much in the wash and I couldn't wear it anymore. Such a shame, because I really loved the print on the fabric! That's why I decided to give it a size more and to add a little extra. Enjoy, and feel free to leave your beginners mistakes in the comments!

For more details, you're welcome on You'll find a step by step explanation in Dutch and English. 


I Can Work With That said...

That is a really pretty top. I can understand why you wanted to keep wearing it.
Lovely job,

Vermaakster said...