Thursday, December 07, 2023

A (P)Leather Dress Refashion

 Hello Refashion Co-op. I found this faux leather dress at a clothes swap and loved it. It was too long on me and I knew I needed to shorten it. Would my sewing machine be able to handle this material. I have heard it can stick to the presser foot. I have heard you need a Teflon foot. I have also heard that you need to put tissue paper on top of it and sew through the paper to get it through the sewing machine. Then you go back and rip the tissue paper away. It sounded like a lot of problems. 

Before and after.

I started cutting the top off the skirt. I left the waistband attached to the skirt because it was going to need a waistband. 

I also cut off about 6 inches from the skirt. I noticed that the hem of the skirt was just a cut edge. They didn't hem it so I didn't either. This was an easy project so far. 

The dress came with a belt that tied in front. I could use that as the waistband of my jacket. 

I used my sewing machine to attach the belt. I stitched over the existing stitches so it would all blend in. This was so easy. My sewing machine acted like it should and did not fight me or get jammed up even one time. The thread didn't break, the bobbin thread didn't get stuck in any way. I was so anxious about it all and it was fine!

I really like these 2 pieces, I can wear them together or alone. Thanks for reading along, for more details go to I Can Work With That.


Maria said...

You could make a handbag from the leftover skirt fabric too.

Vermaakster said...

What a great find at a clothes swap!!! Love the jacket, this time of year is perfect for it! Combined with jeans if you don't want to look too shiny... A few years ago me and a fashionable colleague declared december 'glitter month', which means you're allowed to (or you SHOULD:)) wear glitter every day and not leave it in the closet for just Christmas or New Year's. Our enthusiasm has been contagious over the years, more and more colleagues are wearing sparkly outfits in december (also on Teams or Zoom) and last week someone even wanted to show me her glittery brah:).
Ok, maybe I'm getting carried away now, in short: I think you'll enjoy this jacket a lot, Chickie (or else let me know:)).

Vermaakster said...

Ok, so that's bra of course:) (not brah....)

I Can Work With That said...

Thank you so much! I think I will wear the jacket until it falls apart. I love the idea of a glitter month! haha
And a handbag from the extra sounds like a genius idea.