Friday, January 31, 2014

Knitted refashion #1 - my sister-in-laws gloves

Over New Years I had a great big think about how I could combine two of my favourite DIY crafts: knitting and refashioning. Mainly because during my virtual chat with Zoe where I was made to think a lot about my refashioning endeavours, and I must admit that I just don't get as much sewing done as I would have liked.
However, since our move to Munich in 2012 (we are back in Denmark again) I got much more into knitting again. Something I had given up a bit after my pregnancy (damn those swollen fingers). I also felt so inspired in Munich that I finally began designing my own knitting patterns (it's amazingly fun with, sometimes, mind-numbingly complex maths, phew!!). So I just didn't feel like spending time behind the sewing machine and that's usually where refashions take place. But, luckily not always!

So here I am bringing my first installment of a knitted refashion project, with absolutely no sewing involved. My sister-in-law had these nice gloves that could convert to mittens, but only for the 4 fingers. The thumb was left out in the cold. So I added a little cover for the thumbs for her. Now all 5 fingers can be warm and toasty. :-)

You will find the entire project with instructions and more photos on my blog. 



Andrea said...

I love that you did a knit refashion! Excited to see what else you've got coming in the series :)

Andrea EOD

Elizabeth Hill said...

This is a great idea Eddie! I may have to try this with my fingerless gloves.

- Elizabeth
aka The Hungry Octopus

Eddie Roued said...

Thank you so much Andrea and Elizabeth :-)