Sunday, July 17, 2011

Introduction & jeans refashion

Hey There! Since I am one of your new Editors on Duty i thought i would give a little introduction and throw in my first refashion post! :)

I'm Erika, and I'm from a small coastal British Columbia town called Powell River. I've been refashioning for about 11 years (since i learned to sew when I was 10), mainly as a way out of having the same clothes as everyone else in the town. (there is really only a couple places to shop for clothes here...we're pretty isolated).

Currently I'm a stay at home mom of one sweet little lady named Hallewyn, and have another on the way. (Yes, there will be some maternity and nursing clothes refashions on the way!!!). I'm in the process of opening up my etsy shop, selling refashioned/upcycled/ecofriendly clothing and accessories, and I just recently started by blog Made by -e. where i write about my work and family life.

anyways, keep reading my posts on here, and visit my blog to get to know me a bit more!

Ok, now onto that refashion!

I had these skinny jeans since I was 16. They were my magic jeans that fit me no matter what my weight, or size was. They fit me for most of my pregnancy and were the first pants I could do up again after I had my baby even though I was still 45lbs bigger than I was 10 months before. Now that I'm 5 months pregnant they are the only pants I can still do up willingly. Till this happened:
I was heart broken! So they sat in my closet for a month or so till i decided it was too darn hot to wear pants anymore and i needed some shorts. So, completely forgetting about the hole, I tried them on and THEY STILL DID UP! Belly and all! :D but what could I do?

So i found some vintage lace in my stash, and cut the legs off the jeans as high as i could without bearing too much bottom, and made cuffs with the lace covering what was left of the hole perfectly!

I have worn them so much this summer already, i have tan lines from them o.O!



Melissa said...

I had to do a double take because you look a lot like my friend Erika who lives in Sooke with her almost two year old son. Wow! Small world! Your shorts are adorable. Last year, I cut off two pairs of jeans just below the knee and wore them all summer. This year I am uncomfortable in anything longer than cut offs that same length. I've dip dyed a pair but have yet to add lace, I think I might just have to.

-e. said...

No way! haha

I've had a lot of compliments on these shorts too.. plus when its raining i throw a pair of leggings underneath and they still work well :)

jessica said...

Those shorts are great. I never would've thought to use lace to embellish them, but they're perfect - comfortable, classy, unique!

Welcome to the team =).

Refashion said...

The shorts are a great mix of denim and lace - tough and sweet too. I recognise that feeling when your go-to jeans finally give up.
Glad to have you on the team Erika!

TracyKM said...

I wanted to comment on your blog, but because of the way you have your comments set up, many Google account holders (like myself), can't comment. You can change it so the comments come up in a separate box, or allow Name/URL comments. But here's what I wanted to say:

It's possible that the diapers are leaking for a couple reasons...they might have developed a residue build up due to your detergent, a change in the water, or both; your babe might be drinking more due to the warmer weather and is peeing more; or they might not be able to keep up with her increasing amounts of pee as she grows :) Stripping the residue is easy although it takes some time and patience. But yeah, wool covers are awesome.

-e. said...


Sorry! I thought i fixed that!
The diaper covers i'm using have obvious wear on actual stretch marks even though my baby isnt even close to being too big for them. but i'd rather wool anyways :)