Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Men's Shirt to Little Black (Pinstripe) Dress

I found this short sleeve button-down shirt in a bunch of my husband's old things. The material is very soft and I liked the way it felt so much that I wanted to wear it!
I removed the things I didn't need, turned it backwards on my dress form, pinned, stitched and trimmed and ultimately ended up with a dress!
The details and more pictures are on my blog at

It didn't turn out like the picture I had of it in my head, but for my first time refashioning something that my husband used to wear... I think it's okay!

I have an old polo of his that developed a few wear spots,  but is a lovely shade of blue that I'm trying to figure out what to refashion it into. Any suggestions?


jennifer elliott said...

I love it! Great refashion!

As for the men's polo shirt, my suggestion would be an infinity scarf. :)

Saga said...

Now I want to thrift mens' shirts!

Adele said...

Brilliant! I've always wanted to make a dress out of a shirt but I am far too tall.

Adele - EOD

Carissa said...

I've never seen a men's shirt refashion look so classy. They're cute, sure, but much more casual. I love what you've done here!