Sunday, July 31, 2016

A Racy Refashion

I found this dress at a thrift store and I liked it.... BUT its not a dress I would wear. Im more of a flowy A-line dress wearer than a tight dress wearer. I knew I could solve this dilemma with a quick refashion. So I have set out to reduce the raciness of this garment.

Here it is in all its tight and ruffly glory:

After some simple alterations which you can read about and see more of here in my blog, I ended up with this much more useful shirt:


Carissa said...

Wowza! That was racy! But it's a lot less so as a top instead. Looks great on you!


Lolo said...

Thanks Carissa! I agree its way more likely to be worn by me now. I would never wear that dress these days!