Sunday, July 31, 2016

Safari Animal Dress Makeover

This dress had me immediately. I just knew it had so much potential with that amazing fabric.

I cut off the purple sleeves, the pink trim on the bottom, and unstitched all of the trims around the edges (this part honestly took the longest). Then I hemmed up the bottom and the sleeves.

Ta da!

Side by side

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Unknown said...

When I saw the first photo I had no idea that it could look as cute as the last photo! Great job!

whatthesew said...

You are right, that print is impressive. good transformation.

jennifer elliott said...

Amazing! i love it!

Carissa said...

Love those elephants! Less is definitely more in this case. Great job!


Unknown said...

That is an amazing print you always find such great patterns! Wonderful refashion I would totally wear it!

leaf said...

Very cute!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing transformation!! What a good good eye you had to see the modern possibility in that out dated dress.