Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Convertible dress

Hey! I decided to make a couple of convertible items of clothing...I love garments that can be worn many ways.

I knew I had to have this fabric when I found it at one of my local op-shops :
$1.99 for 2m ^ _^ I love bargins!
I also knew I wanted to make a dress from it but it wasn't till this morning I decided to make a convertible dress...this is a very simple dress to make with only 4 pieces: circle skirt, waist band and two straps...there is an easy to follow tutorial here. Heres mine:

I love it! I'm definately going to make another in this style when I can find myself some suitable fabric. I've made a couple other convertible dresses using a different pattern and they always get alot of compliments and are very fun to wear :)

I would have taken more pics if my rechargable camera batteries would actually stay charged long enough...grrr. So I will post more pics on my FB page sometime this week aswell as the convertible bikini top I made but didn't get a chance to photograph!


Huli said...

haha i really need to get better at editing my posts 1st! it's a convertible dress Huli not converible dress! oh dear.

Refashion said...

Hey Huli, no worries, I changed the spelling of the title for you!

I LOVE THIS DRESS! It is so practical for summer, and the fact you can wear it different ways makes it incredibly versatile, well done you!!

EOD Refashion Co-op

Huli said...

thanks =)

lindsaybobindsay said...

Coooooool! In the states we call these 'Infinity' dresses because they can be worn so many ways. Was it easy?

Sorry to hear about Christchurch, btw.

glam.spoon said...

that's a lot of bang for the buck! and i love the versatility. now I have to make one. :)

Carmencita B said...

Great dress!

EddieDuckling said...

I love this but I still can't figure it out.


Erin said...

I love this dress (actually I love a lot of what you do) because it is translatable to those of us with less that sylph-like figures. Thanks so much for sharing it. You did great!

Lindsey A. Turner said...

That is so cool! It looks great on you- in all the different ways!

Lindsey Turner